I took part in the #33 international sketchcrawl. Met up with 3 other sketchers at the cafe Hresso. Icelandic Airwaves music festival is taking place here now and there was some free live music playing while we sketched, but it was a bit chaotic with the crowd of people. Afterwards the group went outside to sketch, but it was a bit cold so we ended up in the new Harpa music hall which has excellent views over the city from comfy warm sofa areas.


2 thoughts on “Sketchcrawl #33”

  1. Just discovered your work through a comment you left on sketchcrawl – I am stunned by your illustration work. Yes it must be bloody nice to see one’s work printed in large format when you get off a plane at the airport.
    Congratulations again ! (I’m putting your blog in my favorites so I can visit again and follow your work)

    I participated in Sketchcrawl for the first time this year and loved it.

    1. Thanks for the add, and the kind words. Lovely photos on your blog! Sketchcrawls are fun, this was my fourth, artists tend to spend a lot of time by themselves working in studios so it is great to have an excuse to go out and socialize.

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