Went downtown armed with a sketchpad and my DS on the 5th anniversary of the first SketchCrawl. Was pretty cold so I ended up finding a seat at the cafe in City Hall which overlooks the duck pond. After drawing the bridge in pencil and sketching a duck, the twilight had really set in and I was compelled to capture it in color. So out came my DS knowing I only had 5 minutes before I had to go, this was the result.

One thought on “Bifröst Andanna”

  1. Sæll frændi,,mér finnst myndirnar þínar æðislegar. Konfekt fyrir augun.. spennandi miðill þessi Nintendo.. þarf að heyra um þetta við tækifæri..)) hlakka til að sjá meira..kveðjur og knús Sigrún Óla

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